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Blogging bloggers blogging writing a blogging book

Robert Scobe is co-writing a book via blog and selling the rights via eBay. It started out at MSN Spaces (which I think is a far nicer tool than many free blog systems; it has permalinks and trackbacks and categories and a development team who get blogging and I think it's going to be worth watching) and it's moved to TypePad (SixxApart's pay-for tool; let's hope we get some of that template goodness on LJ) so they can do multi-author posting more easily. Find it atThe Red Couch.

Mainly, it made me ponder the interconnections of blogging and professional publishing in terms of rights. I wonder of they'll post the intermediate and final drafts or just the initial drafts? If it's final drafts will the content stay available once the book is published? The current plan, subject to change, is to put up Zipped files of the book files though they haven't said in what format. I know of one sf author who blogged a book and got the hoped-for publishing deal (at which point the book came off the blog) and one author who started blogging a book and was asked by his agent not to keep it on the blog so the agent could sell it. Absolutely no criticism of either writer; writing is my bread and butter! There's Cory Doctorow publishing Creative Commons licensed versions of his books, the blogs of Laura Cheney's lusty romance mystery that appeared after the publishers didn't reprint to book. It's interesting to see the blog/book/book/blog cycles...
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