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  • Thu, 12:21: RT @littleidea: you never forget your first AI winter https://t.co/g3aFBSf4pa
  • Thu, 12:22: in Dutch but Microsoft's topological quantum computing approach gets a solid boost in research results https://t.co/GIAXJZeuHB
  • Thu, 12:28: RT @BalakrishnanR: In simple language... Aadhaar is legit. https://t.co/MfdMvgbHWI
  • Thu, 12:29: RT @oholiab: Hey @oracle the fact that all of your JDK download pages aren't https inspires me with huge confidence. What the fuck.
  • Thu, 12:44: RT @PrivacyMatters: “UK businesses & public authorities may still be required to meet GDPR standards” > Brexit < Not MAY ..they WILL if the…
  • Thu, 12:44: RT @PrivacyMatters: “the UK wants to explore a UK-EU model for exchanging and protecting personal data, which could build on the existing a…
  • Thu, 12:46: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: HPKP allows web developers in organizations to make massive existential business risks they may not be fully cognizant…
  • Thu, 12:46: RT @sleevi_: @mnot It is literally putting all your eggs into an unstable API (root trust list) that is not interoperable (intentionally so…
  • Thu, 12:47: RT @sleevi_: @mnot Look at recent blink-dev thread where 5 months were spent trying to figure out how to let an untrustworthy CA continue t…
  • Thu, 12:47: RT @sleevi_: @mnot Tweet-sized explanation: Neither path building nor root store selection are part of "Web" platform (largely inherited fr…
  • Thu, 12:47: RT @sleevi_: @mnot Native OS limits the opportunity to spec the path building, and root CAs is a per-product security call (ala sandboxing…
  • Thu, 12:47: RT @sleevi_: @mnot And pinning comes along and says "hey, assume this undocumented magic works - and if you assume wrong, your product brea…
  • Thu, 12:52: RT @beaniegigi: 💕Looking for women to share their stories of seeing/experiencing upskirting with me (in confidence) to help this campaign.…
  • Thu, 12:54: RT @itsmebeccax: Women are constantly forced to choose between their success and their dignity. Same goes for POC. If they speak up, they'r…
  • Thu, 12:55: RT @Alex_A_Simons: HUGE news today: Azure AD + Intune Conditional Access for macOS now in preview. Crazy cool right?? :-) Details here: htt…
  • Thu, 13:00: tell me again that ad networks can police themselves - Igexin advertising network put user privacy at risk https://t.co/g8I62fRSK3
  • Thu, 13:06: @LauraCatPJs @MasterDevwi hey - when is Word Online & PowerPoint Online going to add -> OneNote to its save/print/e… https://t.co/YAuqCiGSkj
  • Thu, 14:25: WAAAAAAH @JenMsft just did an update and my open apps and docs did not re-open. is that expected? because I ALWAYS want them back ;(
  • Thu, 14:30: RT @mims: new phone announcements are about as exciting as new mid-size affordable sedan announcements
  • Thu, 14:57: extra husband points for @sbisson for replacing my iced coffee after a moth went swimming and left a moth-shaped outline on the surface


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