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  • Wed, 12:00: RT @FVT: #GDPR is about the process and procedures that you need to improve to ensure that you are collecting personal data correctly
  • Wed, 12:00: RT @FVT: and that you are accountable for what happens to personal data affected under #GDPR.
  • Wed, 12:06: RT @kt_grant: Little tweak to women-only carriages proposal: carriages for sex pests who can't trust themselves not to assault their fellow…
  • Wed, 12:09: RT @aralves: In this blog you can read�how #Windows Defender ATP can flag initial infection activity.
  • Wed, 12:12: RT @EmmaBurnell_: Women only carriages are victim blaming. Like telling us not to drink or wear short skirts. How about all carriages are a…
  • Wed, 12:13: RT @dwagner00: @katebevan Could men not being sexual predators help combat a rise in sexual offences on public transport?
  • Wed, 12:13: RT @alexellisuk: How about if you could generate a PowerPoint/keynote from any data you wanted.. really quick? 🏎️ #faas @open_faas https://…
  • Wed, 12:26: RT @ra6bit: Amazon now thinks I'm very interested in buying eclipse glasses. After the eclipse. After I bought some. Machine learn harder,…
  • Wed, 12:30: RT @rafaelbehr: You think there can be no flimsier or more hollow line on Brexit than govt position paper and then you see Labour's officia…
  • Wed, 14:03: just thinking how hard it is for mainstream users to spot phishing; all the domains here are legit businesses & I g…
  • Wed, 15:29: RT @fox: People working on diversity and inclusion in tech are constantly driven out “leadership” inaction and complicity.
  • Wed, 15:30: given how widely node is used (if you use JavaScript outside the browser, you (likely use node), it might need better governance
  • Wed, 15:48: TIL: Send to OneNote for the Store version of OneNote is a *separate download*
  • Wed, 17:01: RT @tomwarren: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is $930. The next challenge for phone makers is to turn them into a PC replacement and keep charging…
  • Wed, 17:26: RT @saraford: If you have MS Sculpt Comfort mouse/keyboard & your browser randomly goes Back, you must disable Swipe up/down for the blue W…
  • Wed, 18:02: RT @nikhilbd: 3/ The real breakthrough of ML is that it can achieve near-human-level accuracy on these tasks at *scale*.
  • Wed, 18:09: RT @donasarkar: #WindowsInsiders: it's GONG time! We are releasing build 16273 for PC on a fast #flight:
  • Wed, 18:11: RT @JoshuaKissi: We just launched @TONL - changing the face of stock photography industry by making it reflect the world we live in! https:…
  • Wed, 18:15: RT @_s_hari: (From personal experience) when it comes to patents and acquisitions, lawyers pay more attention to open source licenses
  • Wed, 18:32: semantic visual modelling tool in the Azure Analysis Services web designer
  • Thu, 11:59: RT @saqibs: Looking for screen reader users who code in Visual Studio, to take part in a user research study.
Tags: #ai, #bigben, #cntk, #faas, #flight, #gdpr, #golang, #kubernetes, #otd, #sre, #windows, #windowsinsiders, twitter
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