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  • Tue, 22:54: RT @jeremiahg: Ransomware does not need root access.
  • Tue, 23:02: RT @mattifestation: Those finding themselves frequently deploying kneejerk tactical preventions need to take a step back and consider some…
  • Tue, 23:02: RT @troyhunt: Mar: Microsoft patches SMB exploit Apr: Shadow Brokers dump Eternal Blue May: #WannaCry hits Jun: People *still* haven't patc…
  • Tue, 23:04: RT @Ben0xA: I have tried to stay out of it and only said this in private circles, but most of the excuses not to patch MS17-010 were weak.…
  • Wed, 00:47: @MattRosoff nice job interview, Marissa ;) a ceo who doesn't stay aware of company culture maybe isn't a good CEO
  • Wed, 05:34: RT @FlemmingRiis: If you can touch all endpoint to deploy a kill switch , you can run windows update
  • Wed, 06:05: I must look back & see if any of the Microsoft cognitive APIs Box is picking up do the same thing they previously said they'd use Watson for
  • Wed, 06:11: lid of the ice cream freezer slammed so hard that my pear sorbet leaped out of the ice cream coupe #sftouristthings
Tags: #sftouristthings, #wannacry, twitter

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