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  • Thu, 15:50: RT @cstross: I note Jo Cox MP was campaigning against #Brexit. Was the assassination attempt a side-effect of the violently polarizing refe…
  • Thu, 15:54: it's as if legitimising the racist overtones of Brexit with a referendum would encourage people to behave badly....
  • Thu, 17:34: RT @sbisson: Scrap the referendum. It's not worth this.
  • Thu, 17:34: RT @amandaksilver: The First Big Company to Say It’s Serving the Legal Marijuana Trade? Microsoft. https://t.co/1BmkNoCbuE
  • Thu, 17:44: RT @caitlinmoran: I think we can all agree this referendum has definitely brought out the best in Britain, and it was a great idea to have…
  • Thu, 17:46: RT @KathleenJowitt: May Jo Cox rest in peace and rise in glory - and may this country sort itself out, and turn away from fear and hate.
  • Thu, 17:46: RT @jonno: Today my worst fears about the rising tide of anglo-saxon vitriol in my country have come true. Ashamed and appalled. Rest in pe…
  • Thu, 17:47: RT @damienguard: @RickStrahl I've switched off insider builds. I hate that each one resets a bunch of settings such as update working hours…
  • Thu, 18:37: RT @PurpleSquidCopy: When do I get MY country back? The country where MPs aren't murdered in the street and we don't put up posters that ec…
  • Thu, 18:39: RT @scott_humble: Microsoft a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms - https://t.co/VqSimBKLm8



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