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  • Sun, 07:46: RT @TalBeerySec: #MicrosoftATA is the #NSA's (and all other #APT) nightmare. https://t.co/zReFUnVXNV
  • Sun, 07:56: lots of OS X aps use Sparkle updates; old version of Sparkle allows http not https so lots of apps can be MITM'd https://t.co/CztVmF6hc6
  • Sun, 07:57: RT @magnusstubman: @radekk I see this as two different findings: 1) missing transport level encryption in many apps, 2) remote code executi…
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @Dries: OH: "Ask a developer to review 10 lines of code and they'll find 10 issues. Ask them to review 500 lines, and they'll say it loo…
  • Sun, 08:54: RT @LBugnion: After installing the latest forward update last week, the iris recognition distance on my 950xl is much better. Great usabili…
  • Sun, 08:55: RT @john_lam: If you'd like an invite to preview R Tools for Visual Studio, please send mail to RTVS-Invite@microsoft.com
  • Sun, 09:15: awwww; Terry Wogan was the reason I love REO Speedwagon so much - High Infidelity was the first album I bought ;( bad puns, trashy music
  • Sun, 09:26: oh, that's cute; Windows Mobile shows a reminder for your next appointment when it runs out of power, just before it turns off
  • Sun, 09:30: see, I *can* say nice things about Windows 10 Mobile ;) @jshoq
  • Sun, 10:10: RT @RudyHuyn: @BadamPrashanth go to Los Angeles and stick "Snapchat, are you lazy? #windows" stickers all around the Snapchat office



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