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Automatic writing

As I'm way too tired to do anything else :-) we had a solid day of briefings and schmoozing lunch and dinner, out of which I grabbed five minutes in the sun on the grass and five minutes in the dusk on the grass. Dinner and four rows of partners were at the Columbia Winery: hard work talking to so many companies but useful contacts. I was waiting for the coach back to the hotel when the nice man from HP went past and I snagged a lift into Bellevue instead, which left me just enough time to get lost trying to find the way into the mall to get Simon's DVD. Thankfully Suncoast always stays open an extra minute or so, and my watch is still a few minutes fast.

Cheesecake Factory looked way too barnlike to sit in alone so I gazed at the fountain and then came up to Daniel's Broiler for a drink and to gaze over people's heads at the 21 floor view over Bellevue. This is a lavendar martini with amour de parfait and creme de cassis and blueberries (fruit for the day along with the apricot and gooseberry jam I had on my bagel this morning). The barman has a library ladder to reach the wine bottles. And the pianist is playing Billy Joel and Leroy Brown...

Next stop packing and spleep and up and at'em all over again. Yawwwwwwwnnn...

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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11th Aug, 2004 05:38 (UTC)
Sorry I couldn't go out and play today. I am in architecture design review hell, two and a half weeks of 10 hours a day reading and critiquing papers. Ack!
Rene [unimatrix 1]
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