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and around again ;-) I like the idea of the Earships - using tyres filled with earth and packed in with tin cans to fill the gaps to build passive solar buildings. There's a finished one up near Fife and one in development near Brighton


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3rd Jul, 2004 14:33 (UTC)
"I like the idea of the Earships"

I hear that EarTHships are a good idea as well! ;-)

(sorry - could not resist)
3rd Jul, 2004 14:37 (UTC)
a normal sense of humour will be re-installed right after I finish fixing the way my PC just uninstalled half of Office including Word when I did a Windows Update download right in time to screw up my afternoon and leave me in working all day
3rd Jul, 2004 14:48 (UTC)
*hugs* sweetie
4th Jul, 2004 04:42 (UTC)
4th Jul, 2004 11:50 (UTC)
yes, *very* frustrating day yesterday.
4th Jul, 2004 05:10 (UTC)
That is a most odd design for a passive solar building. I assume that tilted glass faces south because I see a hot water solar collector atop the conical roof facing the same direction. Anyway, angling a solar gain wall as such cause significant heating in the summer. Perhaps that time of year is always cloudy, and if so, it is sufficient mitigation for overheating of the solarium space. Otherwise, it will get uncomfortably hot in that area which looks to be the front entrance. The usual design for a solar gain wall is a vertical or slight negative angle with an overhang tuned to keep light out during late spring, summer and early fall, but allow sunlight in during winter months.

4th Jul, 2004 11:38 (UTC)
Brighton gets warm and sunny but UK summers tend to be cloudy fairly often and winters are cloudy a *lot*. Russell always complains the skies are cloudy in his photos here!
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