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I wanna go *there*

I got confused when I saw this in elimloth's journal - I thought Harbin *California*! Simon corrected me! But I still wanna go - the snow sculptures are beautiful and the neon ice buildings - the Great wall of China is an ice slide! - are just so fabulous! Just - wow!


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15th Apr, 2004 19:00 (UTC)
That Harbin is this one...
15th Apr, 2004 19:18 (UTC)
16th Apr, 2004 04:32 (UTC)
Harbin *hot* springs is in California. I used to go there quite a bit though the tubs were eventually heated by electricity. It's an interesting story of how rampant popularity destroys the beauty people seek. There is a hot spring at Harbin but the flow wasn't high enough to sustain the minimum flow required by the health department. When the place got extremely popular, the new pools just couldn't be kept clean, so they had to switch to flow through. That required much more water than the spring could supply so they brought in a massive power line to electrically heat cold water. The main pool was eventually treated with a UV reacted hydrogen peroxide process recirculator which let them reduce the flow but because they added other pools they still needed to electrically heat water. Being an engineering geek, I managed to find the person who ran the filtration equipment and got the back door tour. I found an imopressive array of sand filters, air impellers, massive UV banks and the most necessary H2O2 injection system. The design is an adaptation of a miltary water purification system used in carriers.

Gosh I wonder if it's possible to heat up water in an ice hot tub. I suppose if the walls are especially thick it might last a while. Hmm, getting in would be fun. Getting out in 40 below temps would be difficult.

16th Apr, 2004 18:53 (UTC)
Been there done that.

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