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Sauve far so good

Normally I go for red wine and there are some lovely kiwiw reds like the peppery pinot noirs. But apart from the Tattachilla - which is actually Ozzie - I've most enjoyed the sauvignon blancs I've been drinking this trip. Seth took me up to the Kaikoura winery for the view out to see and we stopped to do the tasting. All the wines were nice, including a Riesling for people who don't like Riesling and a noble Riesling dessert wine, but the real show stopper for me was the sauvignon - fresh, fruity, bright, supple, not huge thick body like chardonnay but not thin or weedy or mean in the mouth - which only means a good wine rather than a bad, but it was the first wine I've had that delivered the gooseberries it promised. I could have been drinking those heavy golden gooseberries that drop off the bush into your fingers and burst in your mouth, but it was light and fresh and clear and I hope I can remember the taste! I took a bottle back for Gary as a thank you and taught him th!
e word scrumping :-)

And the Morton Estate Stone Creek sauvignon blanc on the plane has been exceptional: bright and fresh and fruity and delicious again. Yum.

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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12th Mar, 2004 21:14 (UTC)
Wow. That's a good enough review to make me want to try white wine again. I'm glad you're having fun. I wish I was there, travelling and drinking with you. I've been reading along your journeys, even if I haven't had the time to comment much.

*big hugs*
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