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Speaking wildly

I've seen more than one Waka bird and maybe a kiwi: the red-headed bird is some kind of swamp bird. And driving through central Otago today I've seen several huge raptors circling and hovering: they're much bigger than a kestrel with long curved wings - maybe the New Zealand falcon or even eagles? Sheep, sheep, sheep and more sheep: deer, goats, a happy dog in the back of a farm truck standing up to lean his front paws on the crossbar with hunched head and disreputable grin. An enormous grey cat in the commercial hotel of the tiny town where we stopped for lunch: not tubby but with huge bones, bigger than the Jeffster, and with a purr to match, though only an inch or two of tail left.And driving past a field of hives where they must have been harvesting the honeycombs the other day, great swarms of displaced bees drifting into the air as we whizzed past in the 4x4.

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