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Night sights

The sky is thick and clotted with stars in a great wide band that I think must be the milky way. I don't recognise anything except faithful Orion (mem to self: learn some astronomy!). I looked up and saw a shooting star. The half moon is fat and yellow through the trees. And while my torch didn't help me find my eararing, I did spot a hodgepig and a frog :-)

Mary on a Blackberry so pardon typing errors


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29th Feb, 2004 22:13 (UTC)
Yep, that'd be the Milky Way. Assuming you're looking early in the eveningOrion should be below the Milky Way. Look between Orion's left foot and the Milky Way, and almost next to the Milky Way should be Sirius - a really bright white star. Run your view below the Milky Way to the left (or south) and a bit further away from the band and you'll see a star almost as bright as Sirius, possibly with a blue cast. That's Canopus. Follow the line from Sirius to Canopus another third of the way and you'll hit an extended fuzzy patch of stars - that's the Large Magellanic Cloud. Keep going the same distance from Canopus to LMC and down a fraction and you'll find the Small MC. Above and to the left, within the band of the Milky Way, you should see the Southern Cross (lying on its left side) and below that two bright stars near each other - alpha and beta Centauri. Check here for how the cross and Centaurus should look (only bright stars shown).
29th Feb, 2004 23:35 (UTC)
Oh *thank* you!! :-) I shall look tonight!
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