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  • Thu, 04:41: TIL the tutu is the fashion to wear to a rave; or shiny sequin short shorts
  • Thu, 04:42: The 4th July bug with antennas in her hair was my favorite of the costumes in downtown San Jose tonight
  • Thu, 04:46: Last night out in San Jose catching up with friends: can't quite believe we're going home tomorrow
  • Thu, 05:49: Google says other companies should fix vulns within 7 days but after 4 months Nexus models still have this bug? https://t.co/l2620f2r2l
  • Thu, 06:35: So 20-25% of browser instances send DNT1 (don't track me), expected to reach 50%; too high for ad industry to accept? http://t.co/okpYg3ZloR
  • Thu, 07:51: So the Internship won't make any money http://t.co/3asGCv5jEh that's alright, interns never make any money...



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