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  • Mon, 16:36: RT @dhmorton: Substituting 'Gove' for other words seems to need no explanation: my "of course her ex husband is an utter Gove" was under ...
  • Mon, 16:44: Sensible responses from two of my MEPs re the EU suggestion on banning pr0n; final resolution didn't try to regulate http://t.co/c9N1kf1k7I
  • Mon, 16:47: the TSA is finally taking public comments on nudie scanners at airports, go give comments in faint hope they listen http://t.co/j7tishCFkV
  • Mon, 17:42: 'innovation thinktank' that thinks all innovation now driven by tracking web ads; no wonder I'd never heard of them http://t.co/FoMijvl0Zn
  • Mon, 18:09: damn, the Waitrose mini ginger chocolate truffle & mini jelly chocolate eggs look tempting...
  • Mon, 19:01: been in the office/at home for over a month, hibernating; starting to arrange our next long conference trip. want to meet us in US in May
  • Mon, 19:10: interesting approach; photographers set up Stocksy: a high royalty (50%), snapper-owned stock photo service http://t.co/SznHzKmFDx
  • Mon, 20:42: oh, another Google feature got turned off/turned into a Chrome only feature? http://t.co/Fp70UhlH8u
  • Mon, 21:49: When a platform like YouTube reaches a certain size, does it have an obligation to follow @wilw 's law? http://t.co/IfrWevPw74
  • Tue, 10:06: From cars to keyboards: How to deal with fragmentation the BlackBerry way http://t.co/XR3ICJlEak #zdnet
  • Tue, 10:56: Just had a deeply disturbing and unfunny April fool. Dear all PRs, please apply common sense to the next week.
  • Tue, 10:59: Great example of Microsoft doing developer evangelism the right way. Props, as they say http://t.co/4HE7O3xMlf
  • Tue, 11:10: RT @wendyg: ISTM that the reasonable response to the #leveson deal is to subscribe to Private Eye.
  • Tue, 11:10: RT @nathanm: Xbox Music Windows Store app update now available. Store settings from the Charms menu, go to App updates and click on Chec ...



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