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  • Tue, 13:50: apparently me responding *in real life* to something you only just said on twitter breaks the metalevels #keepingitstalky
  • Tue, 19:59: TouchDown RT mail app that does everything Windows 8 doesn't, now in the Store http://t.co/Ua9XVwpW
  • Tue, 23:21: Problems setting up the TouchDown app I linked earlier? Try the support link in the Store or charms/Settings/about/support
  • Tue, 23:26: RT @QueersForJesus: Many thanks to all six Muslim Labour MPs - who all voted for #equalmarriage. It's not true to suggest that all Musli ...
  • Tue, 23:27: RT @beckynagel: So @edbott's article inspired a petition! Oracle Corporation: Stop bundling Ask Toolbar with the Java installer https:// ...
  • Wed, 09:25: Pro tip; unplug the power lead before walking out the door with the laptop it was charging
  • Wed, 10:37: AdBlock Plus unblocking ads on Reddit as meeting acceptable usage; cue Reddit melting down in outrage in 3..2..1?


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