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  • Mon, 14:28: Mem to self; writing about QNX just before BBJam will get you recognized at the airport ;-)
  • Mon, 14:57: The first smartphone OS/mobile email client to let me mark messages as spam will clean up (literally & figuratively) in the business market
  • Mon, 18:58: Likelihood of me using an imap application - slim to none
  • Tue, 00:07: MUST NOT post snarky replies on twitter about dumb security misunderstandings when tipsy. Must not! #hostagetofortune
  • Tue, 00:10: RT @alex: :( <- the face of every blogger who just realized they didn't get a Surface Pro from Microsoft to test.
  • Tue, 00:18: Technologies & tech companies I care about; the ones that are trying really hard, not coasting smugly. Committed devs at any market cap
  • Tue, 09:41: RT @oising: Dev: "It works on my machine, just not on the server." Me: "Ok, backup your mail. We're putting your laptop into production."
  • Tue, 09:43: RT @journoian: Gartner tells audience in Barcelona that information is now an asset. This will be the Gartner Spot The Bleeding Obvious ...
  • Tue, 09:44: It is *so* snowing in Amsterdam; big white flakes walking to the RAI at 10 RT @mbrit: It's not snowing in Amsterdam, as far as I know.
  • Tue, 09:46: did you miss the blackberry launch? s'ok, we've got a clips episode to start #bbjam with ;)
  • Tue, 10:00: The limited edition Z10 for Blackberry Elite devs; BlackBerry as a company does understand developers ;)
  • Tue, 10:01: good @asaunders asking devs to make apps Built for BlackBerry not just ported over & bunged on the store. THIS is what BlackBerry needs most
  • Tue, 10:12: BlackBerry keen to position as having the content you want whatever country you're in, not just US services that don't work elsewhere #bbjam
  • Tue, 10:14: eeeuuuww #commitment the BB10 team ate bugs to show solidarity with devs ;) #sweet #bbjam
  • Tue, 10:15: "scorpions taste the least like dirt" #bbjam
  • Tue, 10:23: RT @vik_1on1: Here's Alec being, well Alec @asaunders #BBJam https://t.co/1PESfnI9
  • Tue, 10:50: think Blackberry has the right approach to giving devs hardware; tie it to serious intent to build apps not just giveaways & freebies #bbjam


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