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  • Sun, 14:32: All the dim sum appear to be gone except the last vegetable dumpling... (Checked in at New World) http://t.co/bxi0XNyU
  • Sun, 16:03: RT @narelle: Porn gives young people an unrealistic and unhealthy idea of how quickly a plumber will come to your house.
  • Sun, 16:06: RT @grahamix: Dear @BBCRadio4: please stop running the clip of one self-loathing homosexual who doesnt want gay marriage as if he's some ...
  • Sun, 16:15: Didn't like the look of the weather for Amsterdam next week. Checked another weather app; predicting much better weather ;)
  • Sun, 16:35: Lengthy but helpful account of what Windows Phone users like about WP8 http://t.co/o7TpcavG
  • Sun, 18:40: I'd assumed that the gay marriage bill would produce bigot-frothing & then pass; in case I'm wrong nudge your MP here http://t.co/Y9lzPjsh
  • Sun, 18:42: RT @sunny_hundal: This image of old, white guys handing in a petition against same-sex marriage is a brilliant ad against the Tory party ...
  • Sun, 18:44: Sorry #office365 telling me I can have #office2013 some time in 2013 is still a big vague for my liking http://t.co/srq37Cf1
  • Sun, 18:49: peevishly wondering how much Microsoft saved by not launching Surface Pro till the Build '5% off at the Microsoft Store' vouchers expired
  • Sun, 18:59: tipped my laptop sideways; the @fitbit I was syncing slid off; the display lit up and said FASTER! demanding little beastie
  • Sun, 19:07: BB10 day 3 report; very lovely but I think I prefer a few more buttons & a few fewer gestures because they're a bit easier in a hurry
  • Sun, 19:13: Retail downturn? Restaurant in London today printed my credit,card receipt on the festive paper from Christmas ;)
  • Sun, 20:26: I see it's random speculation Sunday again...
  • Sun, 20:53: RT @transhuman: JAVA… “Just Another Vulnerability Announcement"
  • Sun, 21:00: mostly I've used windows8 on too low res to have snap; on a new PC snapping RT chat to the side of desktop is just a delightful experience
  • Mon, 10:17: Unusual number of idiotically stupid surveys in my email this morning or am I just reading them before coffee? Bah. Amsterdam here I come
  • Mon, 10:44: Interesting (&nice to see, polite) discussion on perceptions of Microsoft around my interview with Frank Shaw http://t.co/BMYyNc1U
  • Mon, 11:07: Elevated M4 traffic crawling past accident,T5 heaving with people, still through security before they know which gate I need. Ah, travel.
  • Mon, 11:53: Very full flight, forgot @sbisson wasn't coming so auto-picked claustrophobic window seat. Hugely grateful to nice man who swapped for aisle


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