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  • Wed, 12:03: RIM management has to stay positive to encourage existing customers. Team building BB10 has been far more humble & self aware #differentjobs
  • Wed, 14:03: Tube carriage. 1x 7" tablet, several phones, 1 sheet music reader, 1 person taking complex notes/diagrams in paper notebook #anecdata
  • Wed, 14:55: I think I should just make up some Windows RT sales & BB10 sale prediction figures; I have to be as good at it as the analysts doing same
  • Wed, 14:57: old Nokia idea MT @mikko: http://t.co/wheAinMk gives out free phones. The catch? They turn on microphone to monitor how you consume media
  • Wed, 15:11: RT @leydon: Can someone please tell the sound mixer on the BlackBerry 10 livestream to kill the shitty background pre-event music? This ...
  • Wed, 15:13: RT @MSFTPrivacy: #DNT technology, together with Tracking Protection Lists, follow our commitment to #privacy innovation. Read: http://t. ...
  • Wed, 15:15: commit to #blackberry10 get a free haircut?
  • Wed, 15:18: RT @edbott: I think "toasted my Chromebook" might be code for something. Not quite sure. @mbrit
  • Wed, 15:23: Mobile computing & internet of things; QNX makes #blackberry10 a platform much bigger than any single smartphone handset
  • Wed, 15:26: OK I snark a lot but I'm finding the level of sheer meanness towards blackberry/RIM kind of surprising; lot of puppy-kicking going on


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