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  • Fri, 12:32: Lovely animated GIFs of how to react to mansplaining but of course Branscombe's law as comments recapitulate problem http://t.co/zPby78Q5
  • Fri, 13:45: Dear all PRs; we love MWC but unless someone invites us along & hosts us, we won't be there this year. Just to avoid all those calls ;-)
  • Fri, 14:06: stealing (allegedly) documents from AMD to take to Nvidia? don't look up how to do it online *from work*! sheesh http://t.co/iiMgth0r
  • Fri, 14:10: RT @dancolasanti: As of Saturday unlocking your phone will be illegal but Electronic Frontier Foundation is questioning the new law. h ...
  • Fri, 14:18: RT @sbisson: From late yesterday: my BYODev column at @citeworld looks at Evernote's dev platform - http://t.co/eVEtg37m
  • Fri, 14:31: not only is the cheevos thread still going, it gets BETTER; on page 8 the Visual Studio team join in; cheevo unlocked! http://t.co/A6Tpr4iP
  • Fri, 15:28: peaky grumpy continues at a sustained high @sbisson missing in action somewhere in the office....
  • Fri, 17:20: strike 2: wireless driver on this Samsung slate loses network connectivity about once a day
  • Fri, 17:34: things that are so stupidly broken I can't believe it; Adobe Reader thinks a comma is PART OF THE WORD IT FOLLOWS.
  • Fri, 17:38: anyone know a way to turn off whole word selection in Adobe Reader? dialog box of preferences making my eyes bleed


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