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  • Wed, 21:32: Hate hate hate hate when windows 8 start screen file search crashes and locks my PC. Hate :(
  • Thu, 02:15: RT @WithinRafael: Windows Phone app/game developers, PLEASE treat phone storage as volatile/temporary. Upload saves and state to the cloud!
  • Thu, 05:11: Facebook graph search feels creepy (too efficient) but the social search sidebar in @Bing recently got really useful (updated?)
  • Thu, 05:27: The radial bar chart of suckling pig as identified by @sbisson
  • Thu, 06:17: Getting rather fond of the Cooperstown Scythe & Sickle beer here (Checked in at Boxing Room)
  • Thu, 06:45: Syncing my account settings onto a new windows 8 PC seems to go faster every time I do it...
  • Thu, 07:16: Excellent; a responsible guide to getting 4gb of space back on surface RT. Also avoid recording 3 hours of video...


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