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  • Tue, 18:48: Facebook"sorting out privacy" in the come round and sort you out sense?
  • Tue, 21:31: It looks like a typical work day but without the start work at 5& work through the night bit. Check your logs people
  • Tue, 21:38: Interesting smackdown to the FTC view that search competition is just a click away
  • Tue, 21:43: RT @Pete_Brown: Whenever Facebook announces "Your friends can now.." mentally substitute "Paid advertisers can now", because you know th ...
  • Tue, 23:34: Woe. Tesco burgers actually have some meat in? Who knew!
  • Wed, 01:19: Possible life rule. Don't eat anything that's ticking.
  • Wed, 06:59: Shrimp & grits, fried chicken, beignets & a geeky conversation about tech and wine ;-) (Checked in at Boxing Room)


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