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  • Thu, 02:52: Balloon Elvis Cinemagraph http://t.co/QQLGIjQE
  • Thu, 03:18: Very jealous of the swagbag @snapdragon gave @sbisson to power him through CES; wasabi cashews and a blankie!
  • Thu, 03:35: Hands on: Microsoft Surface Pro preview. As a fan of pen tablets, I really like what I've seen of Surface Pro so far http://t.co/1sm6NcSH
  • Thu, 04:37: Trying to save a file from Paint to SkyDrive on @surface crashes Paint every time. Anyone seen that?
  • Thu, 05:21: Thought; if you're a journalist who isn't actually at CES, maybe stop writing pieces criticizing something you only know secondhand


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