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  • Wed, 00:52: We always appreciate companies who have food & water on their stands; this year also appreciating those who feed both us & our phones
  • Wed, 05:39: Had my brain scanned by headset that detects concentration & meditative state. Tester looked scared. Why yes I am paying that much attention
  • Wed, 08:11: That? Oh that's just a 1TB Kingston USB plugged into @sbisson 's @surface ;-) http://t.co/CTyxqlPM
  • Wed, 08:20: RT @sbisson: Drinkies with @edbott and @surfacegeeks. Much craic, though @JudyBott was sadly missed.
  • Wed, 08:35: Thought; Microsoft is delivering fixes to RT that would once have waited for a service pack. What will be left for Blue? Nothing trivial


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