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  • Mon, 12:01: Is the FTC going to let Google off the hook? Out of step with EU if they do http://t.co/AheOolJg
  • Mon, 15:14: RT @PaulChaloner: Clash of the Santas: Google santa has delivered 100m presents, NORADs Santa has delivered over 1billion in the same ti ...



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26th Dec, 2012 00:02 (UTC)
Not just out of step with the EU. South Korea's Data protection regime is being talked of by some DP experts as the new global Gold Standard (with things like a requirement to allow separate permission for required and not required data, - no bundling of collection and processing permissions). THeir DP authority recently ruled the policy merge illegal under Korea's DP law and threatened a 1-2% of global revenue fine if Google does notreverse it.
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