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  • Mon, 20:49: .@kfc_colonel: Tigers can't live in crispy chicken buckets. Stop using rainforests to make them http://t.co/4DDjOT5H via @Sum_Of_Us
  • Mon, 21:22: Jubilee and E3 game announcements are mashing up together in my tweetstream; my it's an odd worldview when you combine them ;-)
  • Mon, 22:10: anyone know which HTML5 features Web Inkling depends on that #ie10 doesn't implement? Hitting a Chrome/Firefox only splash screen
  • Mon, 22:40: Why Windows RT doesn't need to join the domain & Active Directory is going into the cloud: System Center is central http://t.co/fm32pJC1
  • Mon, 22:42: I wish every Web page had a 'raise my middle finger in response' icon for venting spleen; oh wait, that's what Twitter is for ;-)
  • Mon, 22:46: RT @DHMorton: If you're going to send what was intended as a DM as a public tweet, make sure it's filled with exquisitely embarrassing p ...
  • Tue, 00:31: Check out my new Geeklist name! http://t.co/DPfKay9F. You should get yours here: http://t.co/qzLgKhz0
  • Tue, 00:54: Happy to promote a service like Geeklist that I've just joined, but Y U NO let me edit the tweet I send out to do so? if answer=my TPL ;-(
  • Tue, 01:24: This screen on both sides of the lid Asus Taichi; that must be one sturdy piece of gorilla glass. but why not have a hinge instead?
  • Tue, 03:11: Finding it hard to explain Identity Management as a Service because it's just so obviously the way it has to work, so what's to explain?



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