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Snow and a sick kitty

Usually my reaction to snow is to want to stay in and enjoy it from the right side of a steaming mug of something special, but we had to go out and enjoy the flakes today. Pebbles hasn't been eating or drinking all weekend, she's running a temperature and sitting like a lump in the warmest places she can find and although we were hugely relieved to have the blood test tell us it isn't either her liver or kidneys (she is 15 now), the vet has no idea what is actually wrong with her and she's dehydrated so Pebbles gets to take an Expensive Holiday with IV fluids and antibiotics.

Also delighted to see that London appears to have got its snow legs; lots of snowflakes but no problems popping in to Green Park to have Nokia explain its enterprise phone strategy to us. Our second meeting was cancelled because it was double-booked rather than because of the weather so we sat in Eat and had pie and soup. Actually, Simon had pie soup: steak and ale pot pie soup is halfway between stew and soup and comes with a pastry lid that gets itself submerged before you get the lid off. I had sweet potato and goat cheese pie (with unexpected but delicious spinach and what I refer to as structural pastry - you can use it to pick the pie up and eat with) which comes with a goodly amount of mash and gravy. Excellent pie that was nice enough to make me think that sweet potato and spinach and lamb pie would be even nicer. And we do have pie dishes...

Talking of snowflakes, I sniggered on seeing the new Starbucks marketing. 'Friends are like snowflakes,' it says; 'they're all beautiful and they're all different.' What it should have also said is'but some of them are just that little bit shinier, like, say a 'special snowflake'...


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30th Nov, 2010 16:11 (UTC)
get-well-soon wishes to/for Pebbles from all here.
30th Nov, 2010 16:39 (UTC)
and just the other week I was thinking your feeding tube sounded a lot easier than syringing in food the way we used to have to when she was ill years ago ;-)

1st Dec, 2010 09:53 (UTC)
this is pretty much what the vet said when she proposed it - it sounds so drastic but for actually getting food into a sick cat, compared to syringing by mouth, it's a total win. Okay the vet didn't say 'total win' but having had experience of both, I do.

Any chance Pebble could have pancreatitis? It's quite hard to diagnose in cats but the symptoms do sound similar, except that Sable didn't have a temperature - the opposite in fact, her core temp was dropping.

Continued good thoughts.
1st Dec, 2010 11:29 (UTC)
She's pretty wheezy and her temperature dropped with anti-inflammatory drugs but I'll ask the vet about it... Thankee
2nd Dec, 2010 08:46 (UTC)
ah right, sounds like respiratory infection then - hopefully far more readily treatable...
30th Nov, 2010 16:18 (UTC)
"Friends are like snowflakes, they all melt away the moment the heat is on."?

Sympathies on the problems with Pebbles, though. We're not looking forward to our 14 year old's Abbie's op tomorrow - we're hoping the malignant tumour has not spread.
30th Nov, 2010 16:39 (UTC)
oh good luck with that; although we lost the Jeffster to a second and unrelated cancer, they were able to get the first sarcoma cleanly before it metastised and he did very well as a tripod.
30th Nov, 2010 18:23 (UTC)
Our other worry is that although Talia is healthy, and the tumour appears, from external manipulation, to be disconnected from anything else, she's a very light cat (2700 grammes) and still losing weight despite a healthy appetite. She may not have the physical reserves.
30th Nov, 2010 16:56 (UTC)
Hope Pebbles recovers with her "spa vacation" *grin*

I must say sweet potato and spinach and lamb pie sounds lovely. Not on my diet, but lovely.
30th Nov, 2010 16:58 (UTC)
Ah bah, the above done in Safari with my wow account which isn't paid and thus not editable. *facepalm* :) I keep firefox on rowanf and Safari on rosz_wow. I suppose you could tell it was me anyway.
30th Nov, 2010 18:35 (UTC)
Best wishes to Pebbles and to the rest of her family :-)

And yes, that sweet potato, spinach and lamb pie sounds glorious ... if you need a food tester, I volunteer! Particularly until I get my central heating sorted out :-)

I have sweet potatoes at home, and there *may* be some lamb in the fridge ... and I just bought flour ... but I don't have any pie dishes ... I'm sure I could find something suitable though!

1st Dec, 2010 14:03 (UTC)
are you freezing to death without heating? it's too cold in the kitchen to do any real cooking...
1st Dec, 2010 15:18 (UTC)
I have two oil-filled radiators, one in the living room, one in the bedroom. I have an electric underblanket and two duvets ... and for the rest of the time I sit in the room with the computer with a halogen radiant heater and a tiny Tesco value van heater cooking one side of my body :-)

And I dress warm!

If I'm in the kitchen, I put the gas rings on to fill the kitchen with some heat, or the small tumble dryer in the utility room to blow hot hair into the house ... and there's a gas fire in the living room (currently behind a stack of boxes) which I will put on soon.

The plumbers will have to rip up the floorboards and carpet to track down the leak, and so there's going to be building work to put that all back in place, plus the mess, the moving of many boxes, and of course the cost ... sigh.

So not freezing to death, yet, but it's not cheap and it's not cozy :-)

Just had sweet potato mash with onions, peppers and mushrooms for lunch ... yum!
1st Dec, 2010 12:34 (UTC)
Oh Pebbles!
*hugs all four of you*
*regrets not being up to visiting earlier*
*hopes Pebbles gets well soon*
Another of my LJFriends has had a similar rush to the vet for similar reasons. Turns out the cat had pneumonia and seems to have recovered with the help of fluids and antibiotics.

Edited at 2010-12-01 12:40 (UTC)
5th Dec, 2010 20:57 (UTC)
Just wondering if I have missed a tweet or something. How is Pebbles doing?

Edited at 2010-12-05 20:57 (UTC)
5th Dec, 2010 21:01 (UTC)
as we tweeted (twat?!) rather better; back from the vet, eating again - not quite enough according to the vet but as long as it's the super-expensive stuff, eating with interest. sleeping a lot by the radiator but she always does that and she's not hiding under the sofa and she will run downstairs for breakfast and chase the laser pointer a little ;-) she's on antibiotics and chinese herbs but one anti-inflammatory injection brought her temp down and it's stayed down and she's not wheezing or having gungy eyes. no real idea what was wrong and we're still a little worried about her but she's at least on the mend. expensive beast!
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