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cut tag peeve

grrr; have carefully crafted amusing headlines for different stages of long post, but only the first deigns to appear. peeve, peeve...


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6th Jun, 2003 13:46 (UTC)
if you only have one lj-cut, you don't need to close with an /lj-cut. if you want more than one you need to close each with an /lj-cut (with angle brackets) before opening the next.
6th Jun, 2003 16:51 (UTC)
ah! thankee... wish the Semagic client knew about that
6th Jun, 2003 16:53 (UTC)
The lj-cut "headlines" only show up in your journal or somebody else's friends page, not in the "post comment" page that they link to. They're really just links, not headings.

If you want headings to appear there, you have to use <h2> tags or something like that, inside the <lj-cut> element.
6th Jun, 2003 19:32 (UTC)
poor phrasing; twas cuts I meant.. I had always wondered why the lj-cut tag appeared ill-formed and without the closing tag - and now I know!
7th Jun, 2003 07:57 (UTC)
Current music:Jan Garbarek - Raga

Ooh, a Jan Garbarek fan. Tell me more.
9th Jun, 2003 05:26 (UTC)

big fan - started with Officucium and worked back. Rites is amazing. Some of the early squeakier stufff needs a good hifi to enjoy rather than endure - better live by far ;-)
9th Jun, 2003 05:45 (UTC)
better live by far ;-)

Totally agree. I saw him perform 'Officium' with the Hilliard Ensemble inside St. Paul's Cathedral a few years ago. It was amazing to hear it live in that environment.

I first came by Garbarek via an ECM album he did with Zakir Hussain called 'Making Music' and I've been a big fan ever since. I've heard most of what he's done but IMHO his best is 'I Took Up The Runes', and 'Rites' is a wonderful mixed bag of goodies. I keep my ear close to the Garbarek grapevine so I'm bound to shout it loud on LJ when he eventually does another album!
25th Jun, 2003 05:12 (UTC)
triple rats - missed them doing Mnemosyne at St Pauls last night ;-(
25th Jun, 2003 14:43 (UTC)
Wow. If I'd known... but then I suppose you can have too much of a good thing...
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