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Tory benefit skiving rhetoric

Already? As elinor just commented, this is so soon. Labour ran slick adverts on shopping benefit fraudsters, but there was something particularly distasteful about the Conservative politician on radio 4 a few minutes ago saying MPs know there are lots of people out there who don't deserve their benefits - because they found them at home while they were out campaigning. I mean I agree you can't possibly be a contributing member of society if you have the time to open the door and talk to candidates, but suppose it was a courier delivering your next piece of work - you'd have to answer the door bell and then you could hardly slam the door in their face... Are these people completely out of touch with modern working habits? Freelancers, contracters, the self-employed, remote workers, workers from home: if you're not in the office like a good little wage slave, you're obviously some kind of benefit fraud. What's next - cracking down on those who aren't visibly disabled? But we still have Chateau Lafitte aging in the cellar of the House for foreign dignitaries (and when I heard that one, I had to wonder why we don't serve them a good English wine like Nyetimber? Or would that be champagne socialism?)


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(Deleted comment)
23rd Jun, 2010 17:45 (UTC)
I hope Clegg knows he still has the nuclear option. I still see a few signs of the LDs acting as a moderating and/or civilising force on the Tories, and I want that to continue.
23rd Jun, 2010 15:03 (UTC)
go on, name names.

this is one stupid mp. not party politics.
23rd Jun, 2010 16:04 (UTC)
whoever was on the World at One today using the phrase 'we MPs know...' in the interview segment after the discussion about the government suggesting that if they cut the benefit bill there would be more money to support those who are in work.

23rd Jun, 2010 16:38 (UTC)
ah, I see. thanks
25th Jun, 2010 21:12 (UTC)
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