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Speakers, schedules, maps, tweets and feeds...

After I commented that I couldn't believe there was an iPhone app for MIX 10 and nothing for any other mobile platform, Viafo put this together in just a couple of days (full disclosure - I've known Dave O'Neil for quite a few years, he asked me what I wanted it to do and I said 'how about everything the iPhone app promises?'). I can see what people are saying about MIX on Twitter and the official MIX blogs, I can see sessions - by day or by room - and tweet the ones I want to go to, I can get the list of speakers and see their sessions (and if they've shared a twitter name I can follow them on twitter from the app). By the time you download it, it should have maps of the convention centre; that'll be handy as I don't know it as well as the Venetian but I know it's a lot of walking. Ideally I'd love it to let me see my own schedule that I've signed up to on the MIX site, but I'm not sure if A the MIX API makes that possible and B how much anyone can put in an app this quickly ;-)

If you're going to MIX (or following along online) and you haven't followed the iPhone crowd, 'there's an app for that'.


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13th Mar, 2010 03:02 (UTC)
We could have done the integration to the Mix API and in future we'd plan to but done that much back end work in the time we had available.
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