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a weekend of achievements

Since Friday we have:
-had a big tidy in the office, moving boxes and fans and bags and stuff to clear (and clean) a significant area of the floor and the chair for visitors
-been out (enjoying the sunshine in the deer park, going 'how much' at tile showrooms and not buying purple mosaics, getting in stuck in traffic on the way to buy cat food and a drill bit)
-vacuumed away every single cobweb I can find in every last lurking corner, which involces balancing on a variety of furniture
-decided on the cuff style for the leopard pattern sweater I've been knitting for decades (rolled bound cuffs) and knitted one cuff
-reinvented entrelac knitting in my head
-decided to turn my mitre square swatches knitted a couple of years back on a road trip into a draught excluder for the office window to supplement the new rubber strip draught proofing that works much better than the duct tape we've used in previous years, looked up how to do mitred squares again and knitted nearly 2 more squares
-sewn on all the loose buttons on my lovely purple Buddhaful coat; one promptly fell off in the lodge when we sat down  for coffee but my lovely sbisson found it and I sewed it on *again*
and the big one
-finished and put up the kitchen self unit tanais helped me cut the wood for last autumn! I stalled on how to screw two uprights into either side of the middle shelf, decided on the addition of dowels, realised I had drilled pilot holes in the offcuts rather than the smaller uprights and set it aside to wait until I felt less baffled and could get some help. tanais came to the rescue again, taking over the piloting, drilling and screwing while I made decisions and held wood and epredota made tea and held wood. In the end, we decided to stagger the uprights so no dowels were harmed and the screws and bolts we'd picked out worked nicely. minor delay turned into major excursion to get a drill bit big enough to mount the bolts (mem to self: size drill bit for wall plug not screw/bolt - duh) and then tanais had the bright idea of piling up magazines to get it to the right height rather than have someone hold it (it's hefty)! I spent a while cleaning up from the drilling and then oiling the wood. This beautifully fills the space between the window and the new boiler, covers the hole where the boiler came out (replastered ever so neatly by tanais and painted by moi - good thing we bought far too much yellow paint for the kitchen and hall when we moved in) and will give us lots more worksurface space by providing a home for the stuff that drifts onto the surfaces.
-Simon made nummy orange brownies. om nom nom.


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23rd Feb, 2010 11:13 (UTC)
Jealous of TEH BROWNEES! Need to dig out a Maya Gold Green & Blacks gluten and dairy free brownie recipe. ;-p

P.S. Just reading this wore me out!

Edited at 2010-02-23 11:14 (UTC)
23rd Feb, 2010 13:17 (UTC)
awesome brownies are awesome; I should take orders for the very yummy Trader Joes gluten free brownie mix next trip I guess ;-)

also, I've been meaning to thank you for prodding me back into knitting; it's nice to be doing it again, now I need to be more disciplined about winding skeins into centre pull balls rather than just pulling the end out and starting knitting!
23rd Feb, 2010 16:22 (UTC)
Oh I only rewind "balls" that can be knit from in a center-pull manner from the shop (not all but many) if they tangle. Skeins, however, I always need to rewind because I would need to knit from the back of a chair or mum's hands, otherwise!
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