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A Buzz allegory, with spam

In this analogy, you are the hog...

I don't grant the conclusion but the premise of this little story is excellent; for a free online service, users are not customers - they're ingredients for the business model

The hogosphere reacts to Buzzsaw

thanks to ackicif for extracting the URL - I have no idea why the lj web interface borked the link because I didn't write the HTML by hand!


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16th Feb, 2010 21:02 (UTC)
I think Buzz has broken Livejournal
Something doesn't seem to be coming out right. Are you cross-posting?
16th Feb, 2010 23:17 (UTC)
Re: I think Buzz has broken Livejournal
No - it is just a plain old typo
16th Feb, 2010 23:39 (UTC)
17th Feb, 2010 00:02 (UTC)
why thank you - I have no idea how the LJ web post form broke that!
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