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Touring Justin

The weather has been beautiful: sunny and warm. saturday night was crisp and clear so we saw *all* the stars (I think I counted 9 or 10 pleiades :) and the cream of the milky way - and today was quite lovely for a drive in to the country, spotting squirrels and qual and red tailed hawks and deer and admiring the red of the vines and the green of the hills and the blue of the sky. the winery tour at Justin goes round the machinery and presses and caves and cellars: because they don't fine or filter, they have to siphon the wine off the lees in the barrels every few months. between that and making the interns dig themselves out of the pressed grapes in the tank, winemaking is hard work. wine tasting is hard too: viogner, chardonnay, cab sauv, syrah, justification, isoceles 2003 (wow!) and a barrel tasting of isoceles 2008.
interesting note: Justin sees social media and online resources as so important going forward that they've put in a T1 to the winery.

tonight in Santa Barbara working, LA tomorrow for PDC. it was very nice to have the break.



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