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Best book score of the journey

Although the Trader Joes wasabi seaweed crackers and the homemade chocolate raspberry jam are awesome (though not together), best score of the day is the mint condition Trickster Tales hardback with a Charles Vess cover and both Charles de Lint and Nina Kiriki Hoffman stories in. For $4.

Such a good score that we are now driving through torrential sunny rain (we saw the straight lines of it from miles away like pencil scratchings) that is producing both a big rainbow in the sky and another that appears to end under the wheels of the car as we drive :)



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18th Oct, 2009 00:35 (UTC)
Chocolate raspberry jam?????? I have not seen this delight--tell more!
18th Oct, 2009 04:22 (UTC)
From the local market rather than trader joes, alas - fruit-packed raspberry jelly with little dark chocolate chunks: yummy!
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