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Moody Brews

Just the first of the coffee puns I expect to see here in the Pacific Northwest... We've just crossed the Oregon border. After a week of conferences and meetings (including a very welcome business dinner at Tamarine in Palo Alto and a day wondering around Maker Faire and a lovely brunch with Rowan and lobster with Marina and geeky discussions with Kurt and being gratified by having HP's Phil McKinney make the same predictions about what Apple is buying 7" screens for as I've been thinking) we're heading north. We made it as far as the Black Bear Diner at Willow last night and so far we've enjoyed views of Mount Shasta and the Klamath River. Next up, Crater Lake.


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1st Jun, 2009 03:42 (UTC)
Well, damn - you're practically in the neighborhood!

If you make it as far north as Albany (say, en route to Portland), ping me. I give good pit stop. (-:
1st Jun, 2009 05:58 (UTC)
where is Albany? We're in Eugene tonight, heading for Seattle...
1st Jun, 2009 06:07 (UTC)
On Interstate 5, about 45 miles north of Eugene. Although I'll be at work in Corvallis tomorrow (also off the Interstate, a bit south of here). If you feel like stopping for coffee or something, my work number is 541 737-2011. I'd love to see you!
1st Jun, 2009 06:09 (UTC)
that would be nice; I'd like to check out a couple of wineries but otherwise we have no plans for tomorrow and it would be great to see you
1st Jun, 2009 14:32 (UTC)
I've decided to work from home this morning, which makes it even easier to take a break. (It's awfully nice having a job that lets me do that!)

The number here is 541 926-4044. Call whenever you get near Albany and I can talk you in. (-:
1st Jun, 2009 09:17 (UTC)
I thought Apple were ordering 10" multitouch screens, not 7"? Or is the rumour grapevine off-target?

(I want my iPod Touch HD!)
6th Jun, 2009 06:04 (UTC)
The rumour mill seems to be all over the shop at the moment - everything from 7" to 10". Generally I'm hearing a lot of chatter around 8.9" (a shortage of which may well explain Dell canning the Mini9).
6th Jun, 2009 06:07 (UTC)
the rumours back in March were orders of 7", more recent rumours have said 10" and the sizes in between. I'm sure Apple is experimenting with what makes a good tablet device and there may well be two sizes - maybe one with a clip-on keyboard and one without... The rumour grapevine grows over strange and distorted slopes and can look like the seaweed of mythology.
1st Jun, 2009 16:51 (UTC)
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