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This is the mocha I had in San Francisco last week, from Blue Bottle coffee, that I took a photo of on my phone. Normally it would languish on my phone for weeks or months. I installed the MyPhone beta last night and so far I’m giving it 7/10: easy install, easy setup, respectful of the fact that I’m roaming, but the one picture I most wanted to sync came across blank – I think because it was set as my Today background. A picture I really like is quite likely to get used on my phone so the client ought to cope with this. And the message said ‘some photos couldn’t be synced for some reason’ without telling me which photos or what I could/should do about it.

I’m also experimenting with LiveWriter because I’ve just opened the image and I can blog it from the Live Gallery preview but I can’t choose to send it to Flickr without putting it into a gallery, so I’m blogging it to start with (and looking for plugins that make Live Writer better at LJ or let me upload to flickr and blog at the same time). At the moment I feel I have one more step of what I want to do; unlocking the content on my phone is certainly a big first step, but integration into the way I work has to happen or I won’t adopt things.


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