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SlingCatchers and snapdragons

the abstract fairground
Originally uploaded by marypcb.
This week, I have been most writing: I seem to have my productivity groove back and am already well into the next piece, but Tom's Guide have also been doing a fast turnaround on publishing (pace a new CMS which has a funny attitude to spaces between words).

I took this charmingly abstract photo while I was working on my review of the new SlingCatcher, which takes video slung by a Slingbox and catches it, on another TV. Also, if we didn't have a big-screen PC next to the TV if would be my favourite new way to watch online videos.

And Qualcomm wants you to know that they're behind a lot of this year's almost cool devices (G1, Storm, Xperia) and for next year they have manufacturers lined up for something rather different. With Intel plugging away at Atom and Moorestown and Qualcomm adding dual-core to Snapdragon, look for lots of interesting devices that might or might not count as PCs. The Snapdragon tablet is the perfect form factor for me, but as frequent readers will know, I remain dubious about consumer desktop Linux (even the shiny Apple one) - so obviously, I want one of these running Windows 7! Take a look and tell me why I'm wrong...

I know the pieces don't have my name on yet; the new publishing system is being Tweaked to fix this ;-)


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10th Dec, 2008 13:47 (UTC)
When you say Qualcomm is "behind" the G1 do you mean behind the whole design or just providing the CPU or core chipset?
10th Dec, 2008 14:22 (UTC)
just the CPU, core chipset, baseband, app processor, GPS, audio codec, display link, TS controller, WLAN, Bluetooth and microcontroller, plus providing the PMICs, battery charger, RF transceivers and LNA from other vendors as part of the integrated solution. I have a nice diagram of it, actually...

The whole design is by HTC, as you can easily see if you've ever seen any HTC phone ever before, or indeed recent Palms or the S-E Experia ;-)
10th Dec, 2008 21:25 (UTC)

Always felt that the missing link was the ability to take a Slingbox feed and watch it where god intended - ON a telly!

Bit spenifous, mind, but we shall see what santa has left in his Northen Rock account...

10th Dec, 2008 21:34 (UTC)
quite: we first saw this at CES 200*6*

11th Dec, 2008 12:18 (UTC)
I guess it was promopted by the plethora of DNLA players on the market now.

Pity that with such things being around the £100 mark, this is so much more...

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