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Internet without electricity?

No, not pedal-powered PCs. Just some rather foolish statistics from 'a YouGov study of 2,100 Britons on behalf of information service 118118'.

• 34% of Britons would  choose Internet access over exercise for a month
Well, that's not much of a surprise.

• 20% state that they pay the Internet more attention than their partner (Londoners were worst for this - 27%)
Ditto. Like most Internet scaremongering this misses the point that many people interact with friends on line (though I do think online interactions can easily be short and shallow).

• 54% found the loss of Internet in their home singularly more stressful than loss of gas, water or electricity.
This is obviously based on people who haven't had a power cut in a while and who haven't thought it through. The laptop screen will give you light and t'Web for a while, but what happens when you can't make a cup of tea, eh?



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4th Sep, 2008 15:54 (UTC)
How are they going to connect to the Internet without power, even with a laptop? They can't all be using 3G/GPRS assuming the local cell stays on batteries.
4th Sep, 2008 17:55 (UTC)
I'm assuming they mean a power outage in their house, in which case they could have a UPS (I'm being very generous here - I did say the stats were foolish). If it's a London-wide power outage that takes down the DSL circuits, I'd be more worried about mugging and looting and the fall of civilisation than Web access
5th Sep, 2008 14:47 (UTC)
Laptop plus 3G is certainly my fallback, in the case of the street losing power. If it's just my house losing power, a stroll down to McDonalds will give a slightly faster connection.

If it's the whole city losing power AND all its wired and wireless networks, I'll probably just sleep late and then go for a walk, as we did after the Great Hurricane of 1987...
9th Sep, 2008 14:43 (UTC)
I've had a power cut recently. Being without interweb for a couple of hours was *far* more irritating than not being able to use my kettle. Cos I can always boil a saucepan of water on the gas stove.
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