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Pimping First Direct

Actually, I like First Direct; I like the online banking and the phone banking and the free text alerts for high and low balances and statements. I have an Alliance & Leicester account that gets better interest but I don't want to keep money in a current account for interest. And actually, if you're thinking about switching banks, First Direct will pay you enough to do it that you would be hard put to earn that much interest; they're paying me to convince you as well (this is as close as I get to pay per blog...). I send you a postcard, you use it to open your new bank account, you get £100 and I get £50 when you get your salary paid in to it. Bribery all round! Great value if you were thinking of getting an FD account anyway...



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19th Mar, 2008 06:53 (UTC)
As it happens, I was contemplating that very thing in the middle of the night. Hit me with a postcard, baby.
19th Mar, 2008 07:08 (UTC)
I like FD too, although their continual 'offers' to move to internet banking are beginning to get on my nerves... I like phone banking, I don't want to use internet banking!
19th Mar, 2008 09:38 (UTC)
I closed my FD account after it said it was removing free banking. Well, I got part-way through setting up a 2nd (deposit) account to qualify for free banking, then realised FD wasn't worth it, as my Nationwide account does the job just fine.

And a bribe when you get your salary paid is just fine for the salarymen out there, but doesn't sound too good for us freelances...
19th Mar, 2008 16:12 (UTC)
I called them when they said 'not free any more' and they said 'free if you use your account' and we do; they seem to have dropped that and our accounts are free. and it's salary as in money going in rather than money from an employer - like all these offers they want to be seeing regular money from you to make you worth bribing.
19th Mar, 2008 17:39 (UTC)
I suspect they lost so many customers that the "no longer free" policy was quickly reversed for anyone that bothered to query it.
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