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they're going to upgrade the CCTV cameras on UK railways to be more useful. Instead of the guards who used to answer questions and keep an eye on things, we're going to have "trials for automatic CCTV monitoring systems to detect vandalism at railway stations, depots and to rolling stock... revolutionary systems, which, by the use of advanced computer vision techniques, automatically identify behaviour threatening to passengers and assets" Apparently "violent and aggressive activity is identified by characteristic patterns of movement, based upon 10 years of research into human behaviour". The company is called Ipsotek and they can apparently spot a punch coming ;-)

So, is this Brin's Transparent Society on the way or are there going to be leaves on the line?


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15th Jan, 2003 06:18 (UTC)
It's only a transparent society if we get to look at the camera views as well. This is much more like Paul McAuley's Whole Wide World.
15th Jan, 2003 06:29 (UTC)
I can see excuses coming, along the lines of, "it was the wrong kind of punch"...
15th Jan, 2003 06:31 (UTC)
I expect it to be as effective as the electronic information points supplied by South West Trains on their stations, which either (a) don't work, (b) are never answered, or (c) are answered by someone who knows nothing.
15th Jan, 2003 06:48 (UTC)
According to their website, among the things their software looks for is "excessive permanence" in pedestrians.

Does anyone have any idea what that means? Not dying soon enough?
(Deleted comment)
15th Jan, 2003 07:05 (UTC)
just sitting there on the platform, looking like a troublemaker who's going to break things rather than some frustrated commuter waiting for the hour-late train. How *do* they tell the difference?
15th Jan, 2003 07:08 (UTC)
You might think so, except that this would seem to be covered under "loitering".

Anyway, I think they just arrest all the passengers, thus easing overcrowding.
15th Jan, 2003 07:32 (UTC)
"You've been standing around long enough. You're knicked..."

"But I was waiting for someone on the delayed 18.37 from Waterloo."

"As if we hadn't heard that one from everyone..."
15th Jan, 2003 12:03 (UTC)
Wonder what would happen if a good-sized group started just plain acting weird? Say, started pogo-ing or some such? It probably wouldn't take too many false alarms to convince them tto tell Ipsotek to zark off.
15th Jan, 2003 15:59 (UTC)
random acts of senseless beauty! yes ;-)
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