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Picnic 'n' kitsch

After two days of meetings, fascinating as they were, it was time for some mountains. We picked up sandwiches and chicken wings and a passion peach scones and a chocolate donut iced with raspberry (real crushed raspberry, yum) and ogled the sushi bar and barbecue bar in the Whole Paycheck near Sammamish (which also does the smoked halibut spread of the gods) and took a back road to Snoqualmie Falls for waterfall watching, sun, Twin Peaks trivia and picnic, on through North Bend and the edge of the snow lodges and out and round and round and round till we hit more mountains (90, 27, 2). It's like prairie in some places, slopes of dry grass but with trees and hills just round the corner. Goats, horses, llamas, deer and a model elk, maybe even an eagle, definitely an eagle, but not one chicken.
We took a side road in search of wineries, which turned out to be closed but led us into scenic swooping roads up hills and past lakes. We faked right into the Wenatchee forest to pick up coffee to go with the donut and just as we were about to pick up the 2 home found the side road leading there was closed for culvert fitting and we had to go 18 miles back to Leavenworth on the detour.
Not only was this more fun twisty roads and more jokes about Plain (how can you have a Fruited Plain farm? But I like the Just Plain Grocery) but we also got to see the mad Bavarian kitsch of Leavenworth proper. Coo! Everything looks like a chalet with murals or fancy floral borders everywhere and gothic script on everything includimg the gas station sign. Now we're back to the 2 and it runs along a white water riverbank with mountain slopes towering above.


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14th Sep, 2007 17:05 (UTC)
Wineries closed? Pooh!

...fancy floral borders everywhere

That would be the rosemaling. It's pretty common in small Wisconsin or Minnesota towns. Did you see anyone wearing a dirndl skirt?
24th Sep, 2007 00:15 (UTC)
dirndls galore on the business signs ;-)
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