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On the plane

Rush rush traffic traffic rush rush coffee rush rush sit down!

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4th Sep, 2007 13:44 (UTC)
Do you do the thing where the moment the plane stops, everyone stands up and then just stands there for about a week until the doors are open then the people nearer the doors move up a bit and finally you can move?

Or do you sit and wait - getting "what's (s)he up to" looks from those standing aroundf you and sharp stares from anyone outboard of your seat who thus can't join the standers?

24th Sep, 2007 00:15 (UTC)
depends if I'm trying to get to the front of the immigration queue or not ;-) Otherwise if it's just the luggage queue I sit and wait, if I'm carry on I might as well rush off
24th Sep, 2007 08:00 (UTC)
But the point is it doesn't get you ANYWHERE faster than anyone, except those who stay sat. You can't get off before the people in front of you. ONCE off the plane you might be able to over-take a few but taht's about it.

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