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roof cats

roof cats
Originally uploaded by marypcb.
They like to frighten us... Three of our four monsters head off over the roofs of Putney in the sunset.


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3rd Aug, 2007 22:18 (UTC)
Beautiful moggies!
4th Aug, 2007 11:45 (UTC)
Cool! I thought that they were more indoors than that! ;-p
6th Aug, 2007 12:49 (UTC)
they pop in and out a lot in the summer, they love to go onto the flat roof outside the living room and when we open the roof terrrace they flood out - but the rest of the time they sack out on the bed or my office chair or the kitchen floor or the sofa. they like to go out and look and come back in ;-)
(Deleted comment)
6th Aug, 2007 12:46 (UTC)
we're having summer - come down and enjoy it if you like ;-)
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