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Tragedy of errors?

I expect I will laugh about this later, but probably much later. The scenario: my mother's funeral is at noon, in Essex. We are in Putney. I have many things to bring down - photos, flowers, vases, music and poetry for the ceremony, my mum's big bag of photos so my sister from the US can say which she'd like copies of. It is a 2 hour drive.
And poor Simon woke up this morning with the gastric bug that's sweeping the nation and isn't fit to drive. Did I mention we were going to bring my sister-from-the-US back to London in the car so we could hang out for a while so she only booked a single rather than a return? So here I am in a taxi stuffed with flowers, vases and stuff, heading for the M25 and Herongate; the bluebell wood where we're burying mum.
I suppose at least it gives me something other than the funeral to fret about!

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13th Apr, 2007 09:34 (UTC)

And I would be the most obvious vector for passing on the bug from Chester :-(

Just throwing up, or, erm, other effects? For most of the Chester affected it appears to be monopole (or some more delicate way of phrasing "just throwing up")

My sympathies and I hope today is a beautiful day that will help provide closure and a chance to refresh (and to learn) all those memories of your mother so she'll live on in your family.

And my best wishes for a speedy recovery for Simon. It appears most people have about 24 hours after the first obvious symptoms and then it fades away quite quickly ...
13th Apr, 2007 09:49 (UTC)
please don't fret. we've spent so much time in hospitals and registrars and offices that he could easily have picked it up elsewhere, especially as I was hugging you much more and have no symptoms at all. it could even be the hamburgers we took one look at last night and consigned to the trash as it was himself that opened the packet. I can't be sure but I think he has multiple symptoms ;)

and thank you for your thoughts. i want to celebrate her and honour everything i learned from her. she taught me to read - she brought The Hobbit home when I was 11. she taught me that rules are there to be examined and tested rather than obeyed without thinking. she didn't always manage it but i believe she thought enjoying yourself was the real goal in life. she wasn't afraid to be different or to do what she thought no matter what anyone thought. there's plenty to grieve for and to regret but I choose to celebrate her life too.
13th Apr, 2007 10:15 (UTC)
Funerals have a tendency to suck, even in better circumstances than these.

*big BIG hugs*. I'm thinking of you.
13th Apr, 2007 15:11 (UTC)
I'm sorry you are going through this.
13th Apr, 2007 16:59 (UTC)
15th Apr, 2007 20:23 (UTC)

It's good to have something silly / ludicrous happen around a funeral, I think. I does seem to happen quite often. Sometimes I think it's the dead person's way of telling us that no matter what happens, there's always more than tears to every situation.

I hope you got there without hitch and that the ceremony was everything you and your sisters wanted and needed it to be. xxxx
15th Apr, 2007 20:52 (UTC)
it was crazy enough to be my mum, certainly, and it was a distraction. less welcome was getting the stomach bug Simon had but that passed by Saturday morning, and the combination of everything has left me sitting peacefully in the Sun all weekend.
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