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bird life

we get a fair bit of wildlife in Putney; the neighbour feeds the fox family and they thrive on it, as do the hedgehogs (noisy breeders). There are jays and woodpeckers and wood pigeons and magpies (usually in pairs for joy) and lots of LBJs (little brown jobs; indistinguishable sparrers and the like). And I see birds flying across the sky, swift swooping swallows and martins, a V of geese, a V of ducks... and today I saw a long-necked bird fly across the sky and I thought 'oooh, heron'. A couple of minutes later it flew back towards me and over the house and the wings were very clear, definitely a heron. So I have to say, heron back!


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7th Dec, 2002 23:01 (UTC)
nice description, bad pun!
so how bout mailing me a pair of those noisy hedgehogs as a christmas present???

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