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Windows Mobile 6

I wasn't going to be talking about this in public until Monday, even though we saw it at CES, but thanks to La Tribune I dropped everything in the middle of a press event yesterday to write up the features of Windows Mobile 6 for IT Pro. I'm really looking forward to predictive dialling on the more powerful Windows Mobile devices, to HTML email and to searching my whole mailbox via Exchange 2007 (lucky sbisson gets to install Exchange 2007). I don't like that I still can't search the body of emails on the phone and I think Microsoft has looked too much at Symbian in some places. No CardSpace, no XML file formats for a while. But an update I'll want to get. Pretty please Mr Network Operator...


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10th Feb, 2007 20:55 (UTC)
"I'm really looking forward to ... HTML email"!?
10th Feb, 2007 21:28 (UTC)
you don't get HTML email on a phone; so if there's a table or an image then you don't see it until you go look on your PC/Mac(and there are plenty of idiot PRs who send an image and don't include the text version - that's why I'm missing the Microsoft press conference on Monday). The whole point of reading email on the phone is so I don't have to wait till I get to a computer.

Red headlines and a particular font I don't care about; but there is plenty of formatting that conveys real information.

I will be answering your Vista comment BTW - I've just had rather a hectic week
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