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North Island OS

Another island, another OS licence plate - this one says MACOSX. I like the Music Warehouse van we saw in Wellington last night with UHUMIT.

And we've just passed a Tui advert that only makes sense if you follow NZ politics. Changing the law makes it OK. Yeah right.


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2nd Nov, 2006 07:36 (UTC)
Heheheh to the Tui ad... let me know if you want the context.
2nd Nov, 2006 08:21 (UTC)
I thought the context was for sale on Trade Me!

(seen the National Party billboard that was banned by Wellington airport?)
2nd Nov, 2006 08:24 (UTC)
Yep, you've got it.

(And yes. Bad Don, no biscuit!)
2nd Nov, 2006 08:37 (UTC)
been following it avidly ;-) did you see the National ad that Wellington airport refused to put up at the departure gate? Effective but crude (or is that crude but effective?)
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