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I like cats because...

they do what they like when they like. I need to make more catnip pillows so they don't have to share just one - our cats don't share well!

but when they're cute, they're cute


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28th Apr, 2002 06:34 (UTC)
Have you seen the kittypix community? The pictures are worth the bad writing. :)
28th Apr, 2002 07:21 (UTC)
Is anyone else concerned that she appears to be wearing a leopard skin bikini in that picture? Or maybe that's part of the point...
28th Apr, 2002 09:47 (UTC)
My favourite online cat is the one that occasionally turns up in Sinfest. Percival's just so real...
(Deleted comment)
29th Apr, 2002 06:12 (UTC)
it's one of an awful lot of comics on the Seatlle Post Intelligencer site called 9 Digweed Lane - like For Better, For Worse but sharper
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