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Location, location, location

GPS on phones isn't bad unless you're up North, driving north; we lost the signal around Wyboston and didn't get it back till we were in Gateshead. Assisted GPS tells the GPS receiver where to look for satellites based on which cell your mobile phone is in, which saves on battery power and speeds up acquisition. But AGPS hasn't taken off and anyway, cells can be up to 10km across in rural areas so I'm much keener on using the details of the cellular network to derive more information - like E-GPS which adds time synchronisation to locate you so you can get the GPS connection more quickly, or fall back on the time signal if you're indoors (70 percent of all location-based services are initiated indoors according to Cambridge Positioning Systems). I was disappointed that HP didn't put the CPS system into the Mobile Messenger last year. Now SimCom is putting it into their S788 handset; I hope it makes it into a broader range of devices soon.


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