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Windows CE Clarified

I notice lproven's interesting piece in The Inquirer today making the usual mistake about Windows CE and suggesting that it has somehow devolved into Windows Mobile.

Windows CE is the base OS: a modular, component, real-time embedded OS. Windows Mobile is an implementation of it, as is the OS embedded in a SPOT watch, the Windows Vista Slideshow*, the ill-fated Smart Display, a Windows CE sewing machine, robot, KiSS networked DVD player or SEGA Dreamcast. See a few more devices here: WindowsForDevices. Partners take the base OS, build a platform from it and feed their changes back into the next cycle of CE; you can also get the source code and play about with it - it's used by a number of universities as a learning tool.

*that's the external display not the Sideshow sidebar


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22nd Nov, 2005 13:32 (UTC)
You *sort* of get the source code - the Premium Source Kit has a lot of holes though.

But it is actually shocking the amount of stuff that CE finds itself in. I think part of the success is they sell it just as an OS with a really simple business model and none of the fancy UI stuff.
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