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The real 1,000 words

A picture is worth &tc. These rather fabulous spoof book covers sound like fabulous hurling books...



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27th Oct, 2005 13:08 (UTC)
That is absolutely laugh out loud brilliant.
28th Oct, 2005 08:24 (UTC)
That Marie Osmond cover will give me nightmares.

Oh god, the teeth, the teeth...
29th Oct, 2005 21:42 (UTC)
Those are wonderful. I once acquired a hardcover romance novel simply for the cover--I was amazed at the suggestiveness and the terrible cliche of the title. (Tender is the Storm by Johanna Lindsey) I just went searching for a picture of the cover, and discover the author's books provided many of the covers for these spoofs. How prolific! I was terribly bored one day and actually read the book. It wasn't terribly good (quel suprise!) but I was disappointed to note it wasn't nearly as salacious as the cover implied. False advertising, I say. Oh, and I also discovered the paperback cover was quite tame. I had a terrible time finding the right cover, and the only good picture I found was of the original painting: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
30th Oct, 2005 16:21 (UTC)
ooooh! yes, that ought to be the cover for something steamy and abandoned... makes me want to write it!
30th Oct, 2005 18:02 (UTC)
Oh, you should! What is it with these covers and the simulated tit-f*cking? It seems to be almost a fetish. This one I thought went a little farther than most in that the man is completely naked, with only a little bit of shrub to obscure his buns. I want to know what he's doing without his clothes on what looks like the top of a butte in the badlands, or maybe the grand canyon area.
30th Oct, 2005 19:22 (UTC)
yes, she does have her corsage pulled right down for easy access, yet somewhere in the book she'll be surprised to discover he's a real manly man with all his maleness...

maybe he's the blind and buttonless horseman and he's fallen off his horse and can't tell all his clothes fell off at the same time and he needs to warm himself up. Because it gets cold around sunset - either that or the wood over the hill is on fire and he's all sweaty.
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